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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

There is a new release out there now. I updated the method of editing email addresses. Since the DataGridViewLinkCell does not allow user editing, I was laying a TextBox over the cell. While this worked, there were problems with determining the proper position in long contact lists. I have now created new cell and column types:


These new types allow the user to edit the cells just like the DataGridViewTextBox variants do.

The new version is Desktop Notes & Contacts 1.1.6.


Saturday, March 3, 2007

I've been looking at porting Desktop Notes & Contacts to Mono so more people (non-Windows users) can use the application. Thanks to a wonderful tool from the Mono Project, I now know that porting to Mono shouldn't be all that difficult. There are currently only a few things not supported. Most of these should be fairly easy to implement on my own or work around. If any of you would like to take a shot of porting for me, the MoMA report is here.


Friday, February 23, 2007

As some of you may know, SourceForge's shell service has been down for a while, thus preventing me from updating the site.

There has been a lot of activity since the last update.

  1. There have been several releases.
  2. There have been some significant improvements to the Contacts feature.
  3. We have a new developer.

The most current release is 1.1.4b. This release is newer than the developmental builds. It includes a new filter feature and clickable email addresses. Also, unlike the developmental build from February 15, 2007, you no longer have to double click the email field to edit or add an address. You can just start typing like before. In the developmental build, the form would not shade away when the email field was in edit mode. That has also been fixed in this release.

Also, you'll notice that as you add more addresses, the form shades faster. I didn't notice how long it took when you have alot of contacts, mainly because I didn't have that many. Also, the form doesn't shade as far down the screen.

I'd also like to welcome Daniel Leonard, our new developer. I've known Daniel for a year or so. Daniel is an alumnus of LSU, having graduated in Information Systems and Decision Sciences. He brings with him significant experience in systems development, especially in data management. He will be working on a new tab that I believe you will find useful. As we get closer to a development release with the new feature, I'll give you a little more information.

I'd like to thank everyone who has been using our application. We've had a total of 208 downloads so far (not bad for less than two months).


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Welcome back. We now have a new development release up. This one contains a very important feature, clickable email addresses. When you click an email address, your default email editor will load with that email address in the To: field. To edit an email address, simply double click the cell.

Note: The contacts form will NOT shade away when an email cell is in edit mode. Simply click outside of the cell to end edit mode (or press [Enter], [Tab], or [Escape]). The [Escape] key will cancel your edit. The [Enter] and [Tab] keys will commit the edit.

I'm currently running this developmental build. If I don't find any bugs over the next week, I'll make it a normal release.

As always, have fun and please report any bugs in the Help forum.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Welcome to the site.  We're off and running at a nice pace.  The first development version has been added to Subversion and a binary installer has been added to the Download page.  I'm currently running the version available for download and haven't come across any major problems.

I'm unaware of any major bugs, but please provide bug reports if you do find anything.  I'll try to get bug fixes out as quickly as possible.

About the Developer

My name is Jeremy Beckham.  I'm an Information Systems and Decision Sciences major at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA.  I work for Unisys Corp. as a .Net Developer.  My primary programming language is VB.Net, but I know C#, C, Perl, and some Python.

I started this project because I got tired of digging through "My Documents" or having to crank up Outlook every time I needed to lookup a phone number at work.  I created the Contacts tab and started using it.  I've never liked the "sticky notes" programs out there.  Once again, I was tired of waiting for Windows to respond just to open up Notepad to quickly jot down a quick note.  As I said before, I'm a developer, so I normally have lots of stuff running (SQL Server, IIS, 2-3 Visual Studio Instances, etc.).  It takes me about a minute to a minute and a half just to navigate to notepad and open it when I'm working at a normal load.  I decided that since the "Contacts" tab seems to work nicely, why not stick a RichTextBox in another window with a "Notes" tab.  Hence, Desktop Notes & Contacts was born.